Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crafty Container

I want to share these Crafty Containers i made.

Here is a list of supplies and the steps needed to make them!

This is a Baby Formula Can, but you can use any tin can, box etc.

Mod Podge & Glue

Cover can with glue . (I used a small paint brush)
Apply Scrapbook Paper, Fabric or Wrapping Paper

Cover paper with Mod Podge & let dry.
Then you may add ribbon or other embellishments to dress it up!



Anna said...

cute idea Crystal!

TONYA said...

Fabulous idea. I'm saving this. I really need to get all of my crafts organized.

Oh and thought you'd like to know that as I opened this post 'Mercy' on your playlist came on so I cranked it up, grabbed Flynn and we danced around the living room to it LOL

angie said...

So cute. Thanks for sharing!