Monday, March 8, 2010

Winners of Giveaway 3

I'm so sorry for just now posting this. I have been unable to login in blogger.
It took them two days to get my account unlocked so i could post again! 

Winners of Giveaway #3 
Cook book: Tanya from Miller Racing Family 
Jewelry : Julie

Giveaway 4 will be posted within the hour!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Giveaway #3


One thing i like to do is support my local family owned and small town businesses.
For this Giveaway i picked a business that has been established for quite some time and one that is new  to our town. The first drawing will be for the established business Tea Pot Depot. I wish they had a website.
( i have did searches for one but couldn't find one) 
I recently had lunch there with a friend and had to pick up one of their Cook Books and this Faith Key Chain.

The next drawing is for this gorgeous turquoise cross pendant and adjustable ring .
It comes from a new boutique in town called La Dolce Vita.
(no website found for them either)

Must be a follower
Leave a comment (i get the names form the comments to draw from)
Post it on your blog, facebook, twitter or myspace but let me know where

Winner of 3rd Giveaway will be posted 3/6/10 @ 7am

4th Giveaway will be blogged on 3/7/10


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winners of Giveaway 2

Congrats Tara & Sarah!
Tara you won the 1st drawing & Sarah you won the Twilight Drawing!
I'll send ya'll a message today to get the items to ya'll!
Hope ya'll have a great day!

Hint for tomorrows giveaway!
Supporting Old & New small town businesses!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giveaway #2


Welcome to Giveaway #2!
Today there are 2 things being given away! 
Two of my favorite magazines are Taste of Home & Family Fun.
Taste of Home  i have been reading for a few years now but my friend Buffy told me about Family Fun.
I have alot more favorites my husband would tell you i have an addiction to magazines
but thought these 2 would be good for a giveaway!
Also included with these magazines is a Starbucks Card! 
I had to include  the Starbucks card because i have been lately missing the days of a book club i was once  apart of along with friends Anna & Heather.
We met once a month with others at Starbucks & discussed the book we read the prior month!

Now another favorite of mine is the Twilight Series! 
Thank  you Amber, Julie & Sarah for introducing me to the series and addiction! :)
We were some of the ones showing up at 8pm to watch the midnight showing of New Moon and you would Be Safe to bet on us showing up early to see Eclipse!
So her ya go fellow Twilight Fans!
New Moon Movie Companion  & Twilight Reading Light!

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Winner of 2nd Giveaway will be posted 3/4/10 @ 7am

3rd Giveaway will be blogged on 3/5/10


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giveaway #2 is tomorrow

Giveaway #2 is tomorrow!
Hint is it has to do with Reading and enjoying a hot drink!

Winner of 1st day Giveaway kept erroring out on me last night. 
So had to draw the old fashioned way! 
Giveaway Names
Winner #4 Rhonda

Rhonda i will get it in the mail to you today! 
Make sure you take a pic and send it to me of what you did with it! 

Hint for tomorrows giveaway: i hope you like reading and drinking!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1 Giveaway closed

The 1st day of the giveaways is now closed. 
Come back tomorrow to see who the winner is and a hint at what the next giveaway is!


8 Day Giveaway

Welcome to the 8 Day Give Away Birthday Celebration! 

So i will start out each day letting you know something about me and then post what the days giveaway is. Then the following day i will post the winner of the giveaway.
So here we are day 1 i guess i will introduce myself.
I'm Crystal 30 about to turn 31. 
I'm a SAHM and have been for 6yrs. 
I hope to be able to do this until my youngest which is 10months starts school. I live in a small town Crosby, TX where i lived my entire childhood.
The only other place i have lived is a small West Texas town where my hubby is from Snyder, TX.
My Husband Cory and i will celebrate our 10yr wedding anniversary this year. 
We have 2 princesses 6yrs old and 10 months old. We went through our share of fertility problems to have them. The house we live in is our first to buy. We are finally starting to decorate so i'm up for any decorating ideas!

I enjoy cooking,reading,sewing,scrapbooking & lots of other crafts.
I'm an open book have a question feel free to ask!

Here is the first giveaway:
Wallies  peel & stick chalkboard. I purchased this at one of my favorites stores TJ Max. I'm putting some on my pantry door today. I'll post a pic when i'm done!

So here are the rules:
become a follower
leave a comment letting me know where you might use you chalkboard
post on your blog about the giveaway
don't have a blog? if you have twitter, facebook or myspace post about the giveaway there. 
I will use the random generator to draw a name and will post the winner tomorrow morning!