Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Season 5

OK if i haven't told you before i am a Grey's Anatomy Fan. Many friends and family members might say I'm obsessed. So you might say I'm just a tad over excited about the new season starting in 3wks! Last season during the season finale many fans waited for the Merdith Derrick Reunion.

It left us wondering if Derrick was going to end up in an accident while on his way to break up with Rose.

Will Erica and Callie be "an item" next season?

Lexie and George a couple?

Izzie and Alex, the Chief and wife, Bailey & her husband are back together now are they staying together?

So now Season 5 is starting in 3wks and we have gotten some promos but it's old scenes. A new Promo was release i believe Monday. But i just caught it today. Boy did i about fall out of my chair!

Here is the episode if you haven't seen it!

So there has been many discussions because Grey's Writers promised that Derrick wouldn't be in an accident and Rose wouldn't announce she is pregnant. So does that mean this is all a dream. I hear that the Season 5 first Episode is titled Dream a Little Dream of Me. Hopefully that is a great explanation for the new promo.

Stay tuned i will be blogging about Grey's when i get a chance and would love to hear form other Grey's Fans!

Edited to add For pics of the Season Premiere check out: Episode 5.01 - Dream a Little Dream of Me - Promotional Photos

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Sarah Lett said...

i so can't wait-- seriously!