Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help Save Homemade

of you may (or may not) of heard about the new CPSIA that has been
passed and is "said" to be going into affect on February 10th 2009.

Please click on the following link to be taken to a very important
link on our website that may affect everyone who buys or sells
handmade and explains more!

I keep stressing MAY. There is so much mixed messages about this
entire law it is confusing! So many are saying they are shutting down
their stores because of this new law because they will not be able to
afford all of the testing on their products to be compliant

Whether this law will end up being as everyone fears or not I feel
this issue needs your VOTE on!!! You can find where to
vote on our website link above, please do so, it is important one way
or the other to ensure our favorite handmade sites do not go down!

Let's all pray together this law is either not as people are saying
OR they can amend this law to keep the small business owners and
crafters in mind and survive!

Again, I please ask that you ALL vote.

Also please forward this email with the link to our Save Hand Made
page above to everyone you know!!! Your friends, family, online
groups, message boards, yahoo and google groups...EVERYWHERE!!!!

We must fight to have this not so thought out law amended!

Thank you!

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