Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Short or Too Long?

I'm starting to have all kinds of emotions lately about my pregnancy coming to an end and bringing home a newborn. This post is titled Too Short or Too Long because the last few weeks i have been wanting and waiting like crazy for Claire to be here. To meet her, hold her and have her in our home and family. This morning i get woke up around 4am by her moving around inside my belly. I start thinking i'm not going to feel this much longer. It makes me kinda sad. We are about 99% sure this will be our last child. So this is my last pregnancy and chance to feel the special miracle move inside me. So i guess 9 months might seem along time at first or even at the end because we get miserable and tired but now it feels to short. I'm going to miss feeling her move inside and being pregnant. So i'm trying to tell myself it will be ok. Now i get to hold another one of God's blessings he has given us and cherish every moment of it!

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Heather said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had the feeling that they were SAFER when they were still IN there - lol. Once they are out and the air of touches their perfect skin - their lives have begun. They are small, they grow - and they grow up so fast - and I'm going to stop now before I type to much and we both start crying. Anyway - blah! I can't wait until she's here - so sweet are baby girls - I'm SO glad you are having a girl!!