Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Treasure Hunt Findings

So this morning i decided to load the girls up after breakfast and go the local thrift store.
I went there in search of some white plates for a creative craft i want to try out. Instead staring back at me from the shelf were these
Paid $1.00 for the large one And $.25 for the smaller one.
Now i'm thinking the larger one would be perfect for a shoe bucket in my entry way.
The Smaller one haven't decided yet.

So my question for ya'll is about color!
For the big one should i leave it as is and just paint SHOES on it?
Paint is black then SHOES in white lettering?
Paint it red (the popular dark red everyone i using in there house..that i'm also using soon on some walls) with SHOES in white or black lettering


James ~n~ Amber said...

While I love red, I'm more of a black fan. Morbid I know, but it's probably my favorite color.

Anna said...

I like the black with white letters too :)

Anonymous said...

Am I too late? I like the red with white letters. cute!!!

Anonymous said...

That was me...

Anonymous said...

i like the silver look. very rustic. i luv ur site!

june.e said...

That is a GREAT find!! I love thrift stores~ What color did you decide :)