Monday, November 7, 2011

Taylor Swift

Since Chloie was about 3 1/2 she has been in love with Taylor Swift.
She has dreamed of going to see her in concert. Chloie is now 8 & Taylor is still her favorite singer.
So my awesome husband surprised us with Tickets to see her.
I knew about 5 days before the concert we were going and was determined to keep it a secret and surprise her. So Saturday we got ready to go "ice skating".
When we pulled up to Minute Maid Park (where she performed).
Chloie spotted her bus and the trailers that carries all of her stuff.
She asked if she was there. I pulled out the tickets and said i'm not sure what do these say that daddy sent? All she could do was cry and scream! She was pretty excited. She was even more excited when she saw where our seats were.
We got to stand right by the stage! The seats were awesome and she was awesome!
So here are some pics from the concert!


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