Monday, August 27, 2007

Chloie updates

OK i have lots of stuff to update everyone on so i will just do it all in one email!

Friday i took Chloie to the Dr to gt her paper for pre-school signed and because she was still sick. So Dr Smoot checks her out and of course she has another ear infection. I just knew she had one. She constantly gets them in her left ear but doesn't complain. So the Dr gives us antibiotics and explains that for some reason when Chloie gets a cold it is settling in her ear and the fluid isn't draining off like it should causing an ear infection. So we go back in 3wks to see if it is gone. Also we were given an inhaler. Now keep in mind the past 3 visits 2 non sick just check ups the Dr has heard some wheezing. Of course Friday it was worse because of the congestion. I have asthma so she is watching it and will reevaluate when we go back in 3wks.
So in 3wks we will find out if she has asthma or needs more evaluating, and a possible referral to an ENT to talk about tubes for her ears.

So today i go and take care of finishing up paperwork and paying for pre-school. I have been saying i am so ready for her to start. Last night though while Cory and were talking about it i just started crying. I was realizing for the last 3yrs and 8months Chloie has been w/me basically 24/7. Everyday i wake up and she is #1 on my mind and plan my day for her. I can't believe it is time to start pre-school. I know it will be good for her but it just makes me a little sad.

I was feeling so anxious even walking in there to pay and finish registering with Chloie holding on tightly to my hand. But the second we walked in there we were greeted by one of the teachers. Evidently she could tell it was our first time for pre-school and how we were both feeling. She came said hi to me then bent down and was talking to Chloie. She asked Chloie her name, how old she was and if she wanted to come look at a classroom. Chloie let go of me and went right w/her. I felt a huge relief when that happened. I have been trying to prepare myself. Heather know VBS this summer was horrible at drop off time. All she did was cry!
So keep yor fingers crossed next Tuesday goes good at drop off!

We are leaving to go out of town Thursday evening and will be back sometime Monday. Hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend!!!

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