Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ideas & Opinions Needed!!!

Ok we have lived in our house a little over a year and i have done a little decorating but not a lot. Well it is time for this house to get decorated! I’m going to post some pics and please, please, please give me some opinions and ideas.
1st room up is the girls bathroom:
Here is the girls bathroom. The framed picture below inspired the beach theme. Chloie has always loved the beach. (Excuse the wrinkly shower curtain) Shower curtain we got at Target i liked how it had lots of fun cheery colors in it. I want to add some color.
What color or colors do you think i should paint on the walls?

Moving on to the stair case:
We are having family pics done in a few weeks and i’m hoping to get some individual shots. I was thinking of putting individual shots going up the wall that is behind the staircase does that make sense? So as you are walking up the staircase there will be our pics. (see second pic)
Now the first pic below i took to see if you think anything needs to go by those windows?

Next stop is the Entry Way
1st pic is of the back of my front door
2nd pic is what you see when you look up when you enter the front door
I have one of those vinyl lettering that says “May all enter as guests leave as friends” . Would you put that above the door & see it as you leave or put it in the space in the 2nd pic and see it as you enter?
3rd pic is of wall by staircase that door is to the 1/2 bath. not sure what to do there. the blank space by the stairs are where our stockings hung last year. I can hang them some where else i guess. Should that be decorated in any certain way?

This archway is what you see when are going up the stairs.  I feel like something else needs to go there. I have a cute Santa that lays down that will go there next month between the 2 plants. But i’m thinking about after Christmas is over.

Now on to the Game Room:
This room is what you first come up to when going up the stairs right now there is that chair and tv in there. In the next few weeks there will be a couch. I want this room all about the girls. It is their area to watch tv and lounge around. I’m thinking of taking that sign in the 3rd pic and redoing it. It doesn’t really go w/anything anymore. So i’m thinking of covering up the middle part w/burlap and then stenciling Sisters on it. Hanging it on that long wall and putting pics of the girls all around it. What do you think? Do it or have another idea?


Now you want to see some of my inspiration ideas? When we picked out this floor plan to build the model house was the same floor plan so i took pics of how they painted and decorated it.
Girls Bath in Model Home

See how those pics are along the staircase that is what i was talking about doing w/individual pics of us. The second pic is the only one i could find that has those 2 windows in it i talked about earlier.

this pic i also posted to show where the arch way is (to the left in the pic)

This is the wall by the stairs i was talking about before if i should put anything in that blank space.

The Archway

Game Room


where the desk is where the tv is in our game room

One more thing to add I LOVE the red walls. I want to paint the archway & wall by staircase like it is in the model home pics hopefully in the next few weeks. Then i need to find a sand/khaki color that would go good w/it to paint the other walls.
Wow i think this is the longest post i have written. Sorry to write a book but as you can see i need some design help!!!


Julie M. Jackson said...

VERY smart to take pics of the model home! YOU MUST focus on the downstairs first, in my opinion, the things everyone sees first. PAINT that red ASAP before the holidays! It will look amazing!

* TONYA * said...

Nice to see you back in the land of the blogging :).

Okay I quite like the peachy color in the shower curtain. I'd like to see what that would look like on the walls. It looks like a nice warm color.

Love the idea of using those vinyl letters in the space so that people see it as they enter. What a lovely welcome that would be.

As for the red walls. Do it. I love red walls. And Julie is right, it would be fabulous to see that done before the holidays.

The sign in the games room. I love the saying and basically that what you want to see happening in that room between the sisters. I'd say try to paint it a different color maybe to brighten it up, but I wouldn't change the words.