Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today is the day!!!

Thursday nights are normally reserved for Grey's. I have friends that will confirm i stay home on thursday nights to watch Grey's. Hadn't missed an episode till 4/30. The day Miss Claire was born i missed my Grey's.
So what  could be so important to drag me away from Grey's tonight?
New Moon!
I can't believe Nov, 19th is finally here. At 12:01am i will be at the movies along with my fellow Twilight friends watching   New Moon!

Cory can not believe i'm joining the craziness and going to the midnight show. I told him if you are a true Twilight fan this is what we do! LOL!
So now i'm off to get my New Moon shirt, jeans & other attire laid out & to pack a waiting inline bag!

I leave you with some of my favorite New Moon clips and pics!


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