Monday, March 1, 2010

8 Day Giveaway

Welcome to the 8 Day Give Away Birthday Celebration! 

So i will start out each day letting you know something about me and then post what the days giveaway is. Then the following day i will post the winner of the giveaway.
So here we are day 1 i guess i will introduce myself.
I'm Crystal 30 about to turn 31. 
I'm a SAHM and have been for 6yrs. 
I hope to be able to do this until my youngest which is 10months starts school. I live in a small town Crosby, TX where i lived my entire childhood.
The only other place i have lived is a small West Texas town where my hubby is from Snyder, TX.
My Husband Cory and i will celebrate our 10yr wedding anniversary this year. 
We have 2 princesses 6yrs old and 10 months old. We went through our share of fertility problems to have them. The house we live in is our first to buy. We are finally starting to decorate so i'm up for any decorating ideas!

I enjoy cooking,reading,sewing,scrapbooking & lots of other crafts.
I'm an open book have a question feel free to ask!

Here is the first giveaway:
Wallies  peel & stick chalkboard. I purchased this at one of my favorites stores TJ Max. I'm putting some on my pantry door today. I'll post a pic when i'm done!

So here are the rules:
become a follower
leave a comment letting me know where you might use you chalkboard
post on your blog about the giveaway
don't have a blog? if you have twitter, facebook or myspace post about the giveaway there. 
I will use the random generator to draw a name and will post the winner tomorrow morning!



Julie M. Jackson said...

I am a follower, I will post this on my blog and if I win I will use this in Taylor's room so will have an extra place to write notes!

Vivi said...

I am now a follower and I'm going to post on my facebook so it doesn't bump mindy's spot on the blog. I would use this inside of old picture frames to make a framed chalkboard

Sarah B. SMITH said...

we live in snyder as of 1.5 yrs ago.. moved here from colorado.. but very much from texas.. I found your blog from julie's blog.. i became a follower.. and will put a post with a link to your blog.. what precious princesses!

Sarah B. SMITH said...

okay i couldn't find the follow button? and I forgot to say I would put it on the lower cabinet and put what is for dinner so that when my son asked he can look at that and try to sound out the word and have more practice on his words and spelling and not asked me 100 times what is for dinner

rlouisen said...

I am now a follower :) I love the chalkboard idea in the pantry and I would do the same!!! Will post on FB since I have no blog!

Rhonda H Nunley

Sarah said...

i know i check your blog often, but am i a follower? if not, i'm fix that! i'm thinking of putting somehting like this on the inside of my front door...kind of a last minute reminder of things. i'll link ya on my blog too~

Tara C. Wheeler said...

small hubby's family is all from west Texas (Plainview, Lubbock, Tulia, etc.) Enjoying getting to "know" you. These are cool...would use in my laundry room to replace my hubby's taped up paper reminder yo us. haha

The Jouberts X 5 said...

I heard about this from my good friend, Tara. First of all, Happy Birthday. I will be 30 on the the 21st of April---just glad to be alive that many years---in other words having my 30th does not bother me. I have three kids--Brielle 6 yrs, Carter 21months, and Hudson 5 months--I believe I would frame it and put it in the kids play room. Thanks! Steph

jenjen said...

Wow - how fun Crystal! Such a cool idea!

Do you mind if I put your giveaway on my sidebar??


nichole said...

I added it to my facebook because I am retarded and cant figure ot how to get it on my blog. I am going to most likely put them on my bottom kitchen cabinet so Aubrey can draw on it so pick me !!
lol ....

Kristy Surguy said...

I am following your blog and I am posting this on my facebook :) I would certainly put this on my pantry door to remind myself "leave the cookies alone" Lol!
Thanks for all of the ideas

B.jane said...

FUN! hmm...I would put it on my bathroom this weird rectangular cut out thing that we have right next to the sink. morning reminders.
i put the button on my blog.

Liz said...

Hi Crystal just found your blogspot and I like what I see. I also notice this great giveaway...I would definitely put it on the kitchn cabinet where my husband pulls out his daily meds and put a sweet note to my dear hubby everyday to let him know how grateful I am for his love and how he goes to work everyday to support my family.

Liz said...

Crystal, forgot to put in my comment that I invited my facebook friends to visit your blog.

Rhona said...

I became a follower.