Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie/Book Reviews


So a few months ago i decided to join the Twilight bandwagon. I finished the book and just watched the movie the other night. Of course i liked the book better but the movie was pretty great to.
Now to start New Moon. I'm excited to hear there will be a New Moon Movie! I guess i will have to purchase me a t-shirt and head to the movies in November.

Cory and i watched Australia last night. It was a good movie but omg it was long!

I finally finished Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was a good book and very easy read. Now i want to see the movie. I am now reading the next book in the series Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. So far it is good. Another easy read!


Sarah Lett said...

yay for twilight crystal :)
i agree- the book is way better, but the movie is pretty good.

Lisha said...

I too am a Twilight fan. A few of my friends and I went when it was out in the theatres and we were disappointed. The book was much better!! I am on Eclipse and it a wall!! I need to get back to reading it!!

Julie M. Jackson said...

I am a late Twilight fan. Read 1/3 of Twilight and had to watch the movie! I know 3 things for sure. I love Edward, I love Edward, I love Edward! HA! I started New Moon on Sunday and I have one chapter left! Reading it right now! I will be there in November with my tshirt on and hopefully a piece of gorgeous jewelry off Etsy! ;o)