Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meet Claire

Meet Claire
She is our other answered prayer.

She is a 8 month old little firecracker!
She has mastered crawling, sitting up and now trying to walk.
She is fast.
The picture above is her little personality.
She is always sticking her tongue out or has a smile on her face.
There are times wher she will give you a look and i can see the attitude.

I love to sit and watch her & Chloie play. She looks at her big sister with awe.
I think she already admires her.
I also love the look on her face when Cory walks in the door getting home from work.
She has the biggest smile on her face and her eyes are screaming daddy come here.
She is a momma's girl when she is hurt and sleepy but when she wants to play she wants her daddy or sissy.

I can't wait to see what  her personality is going to truly be.
I wonder what her voice will sound like and can't wait to see Chloie and her share special sister momnets.

So that my friends is Miss Claire!


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