Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Beauty Book

Tonight I came across a blog I have never been to before

Danielle, who blogs over at take heart, came up with a wonderful idea. 
She made a Beauty Book that is going to travel all over. 
There will be the stories of many different women...
stories of their current or past issues with self esteem...
and how they are finding out that true beauty is found in God's eyes.

Danielle writes
"my heart for this project is that each of you will be able
to feel more confident in the way Christ made you.
to come just as you are, and see that He made you in His image. 
and to see that you are enough."

"write your story, read their stories. share your heart. 
be inspired, be changed, cry, laugh, remember, forget.
pen your thoughts on beauty, self image, your struggles and your triumphs."
Isn't she amazing!!!

All you have to do is visit this post and follow the directions to sign up. 
She is accepting emails until this Friday, so sign up soon if you're interested.



JA said...

Wow, what a brilliant idea!

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